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    Want To Get Healthy and Stay Fit? We Provide Tools to Help You Track and Achieve Your Goals.

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    Quantify Yourself! Centralize your health & fitness data, visualize, and achieve your goals.

    TRAQS.me is a personal analytics platform (consumer and SAAS) that aggregates and visualizes data from various health, fitness and medical-related sensors. Our core focus is to support a wide range of devices, make API integration as easy as possible, and help users raise awareness so they can make healthier lifestyle choices.

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Track Your Life

Tracks your health metrics, fitness, sleep, location and much more. Set goals to take yourself to the next level!


Create personalized dashboards and reports to monitor progress and explore your data.

Plug n' Play

Integrates with Fitbit, Withings, Jawbone UP, Moves, Foursquare, GPS devices (GPX and KML), Hexoskin, etc (more coming soon). A single, comprehensive API makes building apps easy.

Access Your Data

Securely syncronize, store, and download your data from multiple services.

How does it work?

  • Purchase a supported health & fitness sensor or "gadget"
  • Link your account and data with our simple data sync tool
  • Securely view all of your data from our web and mobile app
  • Set your health and fitness goals, and we'll make sure you're on track
  • Developers - access your data from a simple API. Partners welcome!


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    Promising to integrate your FitBit, Withings, Zeo, and Garmin data, with more devices and sources in the works,TRAQS.me could be a one-stop dashboard for whatever it is that you monitor.“

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