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Personal Dashboard

Track Your Personal Health Metrics Using Our Customizable Dashboard

Teams & Trainers

Personal Trainer or Coach?  Get Better Insights and Improve Performance!

Enterprise Platform

Building Health & Fitness Products?  Data Hosting, API & Dashboards

Custom Solutions

Creating Something New & Powerful?  We Work With Global Brands.

What is ActiveOS?

ActiveOS is a data aggregation platform for creating powerful health & fitness solutions.  We currently integrate with over a dozen partners and can centralize and securely store data and provide analytics and insights for the most popular wearable devices & apps.


Our Enterprise Platform provides a convenient data import framework and cloud-hosted service (API) to allow companies to rapidly build & deploy their own products.  Our core features are built to power both small and large organizations, gyms & personal trainers, team sports and special events through custom integration.


Want to build a web or mobile application that incorporates wearables or health & fitness data, or create a complete white-label solution? We work with global brands, developers, creative artists and teams both small and large.  Our team can help.

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Integrated Partners

Over a dozen supported wearable sensors & apps from the most popular health & fitness companies.  Support for the latest in wearable technology; fitness trackers, smart watches, smart shirts, medical/bio-sensors, location trackers and mobile apps.  ActiveOS currently recognizes over 30 distinct metrics for tracking workouts, general activity, sleep, nutrition, stress, biometric data and geolocation.

Teams & Trainers

Teams & Trainers can benefit from our turnkey solution providing group dashboards.  Sports coaches, personal trainers and gyms can get access to their user’s health & fitness metrics and offer 24/7 guidance.  Better data and insights = greater results.

Gain New Insights

Trainers have limited time to spend with their clients each week. Gain access and insights to 24/7 lifestyle and fitness data.

Improve Training

Increase chances of achieving fitness and training goals; improve retention and value of the training or coaching relationship.

Get Automated

Provide historical reports on all fitness + nutrition data. And, notifications can be set for key triggers: inactivity, dietary changes, weight, sleep quality, etc

Achieve Goals

Augments the training experience by enabling in person and remote support. Both broadening reach and opportunities for keeping training programs on track.

Group Dashboards

Customizable Team Dashboards

Device / Sensor Agnostic

Compare Team's Results

Individual Data Explorer

Advanced Reports & Analytics

Improve Participant's Results

ActiveOS may be the solution you’re looking for. We’d love to chat to learn more about your goals.

Personal Dashboards

Track your health metrics, workouts, sleep, nutrition, location and more.   Users have their own customizable dashboard to centralize their important health & fitness data. Data can be kept private, or shared with personal trainers and team coaches.  Set goals to take yourself to the next level.  Web dashboard now available; mobile app (iOS + Android) coming soon.

Aggregate your health & fitness data

Customize your own dashboard featuring your key metrics

Access daily & historical data

Connect with friends & family - get social

Gain new insights

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